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Who knew an album intended to be a series of stories about people with delusions of grandeur would end up being so much fun? This collection of songs is, at first blush, a synth-pop exploration that readily turns into a tour of nearly five decades of trend-setting music.
FOX HUNT's debut album may have its roots in today but each track is peppered with moments that will take you back in time. From the obvious exotica beginnings to the porn-y guitar rifts reminiscent of Studio 54 and contoured sounds that remind you of white sport coats and the darkest of Ray-Bans, this work hits all the best highs.
Caviar Dreams takes you down too, all the way to the bottom, with epic rock qualities and operatic overtones the album seeks a range of emotion. FOX HUNT tells his stories with a sense of objectivity, each song is a presentation of his observations, culminating in an actual recording born out of life experience.

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